Cat Windmill Slow Feeder Ball Cat Food Dispenser


Cat Windmill Slow Feeder Ball Cat Food Dispenser

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Transparent housing and leaky holes, make the kibble visible and sniffable to pets, easy to get pets’ attention and play with this Cat Stimulation Feeder Toy. Made of non-toxic non-odor PC and ABS materials, free of safety concerns.

This toy will move irregularly when the cat is playing. There is a puzzle shelter inside the toy, which made each snack has to be moved back and forth before leakage, which interests fun of toy and also attracts the cat’s attention.

Your cats need to figure out how to get food, and what makes them smarter. Mufti-functional Interactive Cat Dog Tumbler Toys, Developing and maintaining your cat’s physical alertness. Pet play and interact with it when you are busy or not at home. With this cat toy, your pet will flip, jump, chase and look around to stimulate physical and mental exercise. Funny animal toys will make your kitten happy, active, and healthy.

With the American local brand and patented appearance

This is a versatile cat toy. A combination of a tumbler toy, a food dispensing puzzle toy, a trackball, and a propeller is A toy for cats to amuse themselves with it, passing cats’ boring time and changing their worry and boredom into pleasure and happiness.

Food-dispensing puzzle toy

You can add foods such as dried meat, treats, or cat kibbles to the toy. When the cat moves the toy, the food will leak out of the two bottom holes. You can control the food dispensing rate by opening one or two holes with the side switch or simply closing the food holes. The toy is compatible with most dry food sizes, and when cats get food rewards during play, they will become interested in it, thus boosting their brain development and enhancing their IQ.

A tumbler toy with trackballs

The toy is designed as a tumbler, with no need for batteries. It shakes from side to side but will not tip over. Two yellow cat balls roll along the middle track as the toy wobbles; a rotating propeller set at the toy top, whose blades spin fast and smoothly by the cat’s light patting. These features are to grip cat attention, attract them to touch and capture, stimulate their hunting instinct, allowing them to have fun to a heart content.

Safe material and design

The product is made of food-grade ABS and contains no bisphenol A, PVC, or phthalates. It is completely safe for your cat to use. The whole toy is round in shape with rounded corners, which will effectively prevent cats from scratching themselves during play, and effectively extend the life of the toy as well.

Lifelong after-sale service

Cats are as diverse personalities as humans, some are extroverted and some are introverted. When your cat first receives the gift, you need to guide them to play. We are sure that you will enjoy the fun time with your cat. We provide a lifetime warranty for the toy. If there is any problem, just click “Contact us” and we will refund you in full.


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