Simulation Fish for Pets


Simulation Fish for Pets


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Charging Port Design Educational Interactive Cat Toy

🐟 Amaze Your Pet with the Flopping Fish Toy! Realistic and Endless Fun! 🌟


1. After the switch is turned on, you need to tap the fish with your hands to start the work.

2. The electronic components inside the toy fish only start to work after the vibration induction is activated.

3. The toy fish will automatically stop after swinging for tens of seconds and will restart to move only after being hit again. If your cat likes it, it will attack the toy fish and make the toy fish swing again.

4. To prolong the service life of the toy fish, please do not use the toy fish while charging, it can be used again after fully charged.

Turn on the switch after fully charging, the toy fish will be bounced for some time and then stop, and be bounced again after being slapped.

Know Before You Buy:
When using it for the first time, Put the movement into the belly of the fish, turn on the switch, grab the belly of the fish, and shake the movement first before responding. If the switch is turned on and there is no response after shaking, you need to charge and power off first.
The red light shows the charging status, if no light is on, the charge is full, it generally about 40 minutes to fully charge
Fully charged can be used continuously for about 20 minutes

Product configuration:

USB charging cable x1, lithium battery x1
Size: Appr. 30 cm