Automatic Opening and Closing Ashtray


Automatic Opening and Closing Ashtray

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Material: Can be pulled out and cleaned separately, made of high quality aluminum alloy material, flame retardant coating, disassembled and cleaned, can be pulled out for cleaning by itself, cleaning is more convenient

With LED: With LED lighting, it can also be used at night. The box comes with an LED light, which lights up automatically after opening the lid. The light is not dazzling at night.

With cover: strict sealing ring to prevent mist from spreading, preventing mist from escaping from the outside, affecting the cleaning of the car, blocking mist, and maintaining air circulation in the car

Intelligent detection: Non-contact use, 80mm sensing distance, automatic opening and closing, intelligent technology and convenient use, prevent more people from coming into contact with bacteria, you can use it with confidence

Intelligent Automatic Switch Led Light Multi-Function Box can be used in living room, bedroom, corridor, garden, office, home, nightclub, bar, wireless design makes it more convenient for you to use.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Silver/Gray
Weight: 200g
Packing list: 1x Intelligent Automatic Switch Led Light Multi-Function Box

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Gray, Silver